"sarah liberman and victorim strings bringing afresh Yerushalayim to earth!" Yelsa.world

mission statement:  !!! “Yom Messhiach, WE have been commissioned by ELOHIM Echad, Father, Elohim YHVH, Son, Yeshua Ha Messhiach, and Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha Qodesh to implement a 40 year plan to focus on what WE believe to be the last generation.  It has always been said in the Word and is still to this day the Father’s plan to bless the world through the Yehudah First; Once more of the Yehudah population receives the revelation in critical mass numbers, the entire World will be in a position to witness what it means when a people group worships the one and only creator, Elohim Echad! WE exist to do our part through HIS music and sound to usher in the Messhiach (Messiah), Yeshua Ha Messhiach”!!!

to the Yehuda  first;

Acts 10:37,

Acts 1:8,

Acts 3:26,

Acts 13:46,

1 Corinthians 9:20,

Luke 24:47,

Romans 1:16, Romans 2:9

Romans 2:10

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Yom Messhiach 1 Aviv 5780 (Wednesday, 25 March 2020) Miami FL

!!!all pricing this website is the same!!!

!!! ” for the sake of Yeshua Ha Messhiach’s name everything on this website is for sale for any amount your cheerful heart desires to give; if you can’t afford anything; it is HIS gift to you” !!!

sara lieberman; sings like an angel; comes to you from Yisrael.Yelsa.world

!!! “victor strings from “afresh Yerushalayim”, fell from Heaven; to give you a taste of the sound of Shamayim (Cielo)”!!! Yelsa.world